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What Yinvision are doing for our clients.

This page is all about our clients and how they smile instead of frown. Yinvision would like to take a minute so just sit right there and we will tell you all about how they will become a future millionaire. Here you will see how Yinvision is helping them to create, manage and sustain their business and achieve their dreams.

All the clients Yinvision are helping are ordinary people just like you are searching for a better life and a brighter future.

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King Vape & Shake  

King Vape & Shake is an innovative new milkshake emporium, that combines it's amazing range of milkshakes with a wide variety of vape flavours and the most advanced vape equipment on the market. It is located in Bromley Cross, Bolton an affluent and growing area. Yinvision has helped build this company from the ground up by providing all the services, advice and help a growing business needs. We created the all of the graphics along with the social media platforms. We now manage the social media platforms and provide continued support to sustain the growth as we move through next phase in the Yinvsion's business development programme.

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The Kavern   

The Kavern is a brand new venue in the heart of the rock in Bury town centre. This prodigious location offers live entertainment and a collection of different events the upcoming calendar includes Bury's first smart quiz a fun casino night and a comedy variety night. The venue its self has undergone a massive refurbishment and has been designed by some of the greatest minds in the hospitality industry. Yinvision has stepped in to help promote and organise events such as the speed quiz and the fun casino night. We will turn the Kavern into a beacon of live entertainment and events.

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City Taverns 

City Tavern is a fascinating new venue born out of the ashes of Le Chaudron, this cutting-edge locale combines two of the greatest features of a night out brilliant events and entertainment and a place to stay when the party finishes. It gives the customers all they need to have an epic night offering an Air BnB style place to stay and all the services needed to provide an excellent event such as birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Yinvision has developed the website and the graphic design for City Tavern. The next stage is underway, and the social media will be live soon watch this space.

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Fitt 20:20   

Fitt 20:20 is really pushing the boundaries on the fitness industry offering never before seen fitness routines and wellness information they really care about each of their clients and provide excellent nutritional information and bespoke workout plans suited to their client’s lifestyle and eating habits. Yinvision are currently helping them to boost their Facebook audience by providing bespoke and dynamic content.  

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Elements of Fire   

Elements of Fire is a very exciting client for Yinvision to have. They provide live entertainment in the form of fire spinning from fire poi to fire staff, watching them perform is visually stunning and not to be missed. They have over ten years in the industry and have a highly trained team of performers that are sure-fire to light up the night. They provide entertainment for a range of locations and events from corporate to club nights. Book them at your venue and you will have customers like moths to the flame. Yinvision are helping this company to scale up and grow into an agency of performers from fire to stilt walkers and everything in between. 



"Great services, Promising future"

Paul Howden


"Great services and and their number one priority is to help you to achieve your goals without adding extra stress to your lives. No ridiculous start up fees or trying to sell you something you don't need . This is truly a business creation specialist company that looks after you and what you are trying to create.
They really do care about keeping your original business idea safe and true and are with you every step of the way :) I would recommend them to anyone trying to establish their own business :) Hell Yeah !!! X)"

Taylor Harrison



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